Cuántos tipos de albañilería existen

When we talk about masonry we refer to construction, right? An activity so important that the best materials are always required for its longevity. According to their work there are different types of masonry, such as

Traditional or simple masonry; This type of masonry is supported by the use of bricks and mortar or mortar.  That is to say, these will be the supports in charge of resisting all the potential loads that the construction may require.

Reinforced masonry; In this type of masonry, steel is used as reinforcement in the walls that are built. Here the tensioners are reinforced in a vertical plane embedded in the foundations and the stirrups in a horizontal plane, in the case of the building pillars. This guarantees great flexibility to the different structures that are built using this type of masonry.

Reinforced masonry; Here what is reinforced are both the horizontal and vertical elements, allowing the structures to be kept stronger, so they are an excellent idea to prevent any accidents.

Also called confined masonry, it has something of the traditional or simple masonry, in its edges are framed elements of reinforced concrete, from chains and pillars, which make it an unbeatable option in this field, since, highlights its resistance

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