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Useful tips for unblocking the shower

They are usually formed by the accumulation of hair and residues of hygiene products. So we will give some tips that will be very useful to do at home.

  1. Pour a mixture of vinegar and baking soda down the shower drain. Leave the mixture to work for at least 40 minutes. Then pour in some hot water. It is recommended to do the process twice for its effectiveness.
  2. Take out the drain cover and remove the hairs and the mass formed by the hygiene products. You will need a screwdriver to remove the screws that connect the shower grate.
  3. Use a chemical plunger. Above all, use gloves to avoid damage to the eyes and skin. We recommend you to use one product and in case you have to do it more times, do not mix different products because it can generate a dangerous chemical reaction. BE CAREFUL!

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The best plungers on the market

We will put you in the ranking of the best plungers in the market based on the analysis of the consumer’s organization.

  • HG EXTREME PLUNGER 84 POINTS                    COST DOSE 6,74
  • RAK CONCENTRATE 80 POINTS                            COST DOSE 1.83
  • RAK ACTIVATOR PEARLS 79 POINTS                   COST DOSE 0.98
  • WC NET GEL DENSE 74 POINTS                            COST DOSE 2.38
  • HG POWERFUL PLUNGER 67 POINTS                 COST DOSE 2.36
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