the aspects to be taken into account are the material that is resistant to the weather, while at the same time insulating you from noise and the outside temperature.

There are many types of windows and it is necessary to choose the most suitable for you, so let’s get to it:

Aluminium windows

They are the most common in buildings today. They are an affordable, lightweight and strong structure option. One could say that aluminium windows are a good choice for quite inclement or extreme climates.

– It is possible to acquire any type of finish due to its great variety.

– Cheap material

– Resists well to harsh weather conditions


– In the lower qualities they do not offer good thermal or acoustic insulation.

– As it is a metal, it is a cold material that can offer a thermal bridge and even produce condensation and humidity.


PVC windows

This material has evolved a lot in recent years as it is perfect for cold climates. Its thermal conductivity is very low so it has a great insulation capacity. Moreover, the acoustic insulation of PVC windows is also unsurpassed.

– Thermal and acoustic insulation of the highest quality

– Durable material resistant to humidity, cold or heat.

– Like aluminium, it allows a wide variety of colours, textures and finishes.

– Although it is a resistant material, it can be deformed in extreme climates.

– It is quite an expensive material.


Wooden windows

Aesthetically, it is clear that wooden windows are unrivalled; no imitation can match the natural texture of wood, nor its feel. However, although it is a material with good properties, it suffers a lot from the weather and requires you to varnish your windows every two years or so if you want to keep them in good condition.

It is a material indicated for dry and not very stormy climates.

·        Material natural y de belleza.

·        No es tan caro

·        Buen asilamiento tanto acústico como térmico ya que la madera no es un buen conductor térmico.

– Natural and beauty material.

– Not so expensive

– Good acoustic and thermal insulation as wood is not a good thermal conductor.


On the other hand, there are some special types of windows that combine various materials, such as aluminium and wood, so you can have the best of both. Now it’s your turn to study the options and make a final decision for your home.

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