About Us

Multiservicios FAB, is a company with over 25 years of experience dedicated to servicing your home, offering a wide range of services and comprehensive solutions to everyday problems, from changing a light bulb to renovating your home.

Our mission is to provide the client with an all-rounded service, oriented towards excellence and client trust & satisfaction

From the moment you click, In Multiservicios FAB you will instantly feel like family since we will put at your disposal the most competitive and multidisciplinary team of professionals who will assist you 24 hours a day.

Client communication is an essential pillar of our company, which is why great emphasis is placed on our Post-Control Service. After each service offered we will be in contact, to ensure that we have effectively met your expectations.

“Human communication is the key to professional and personal success” Paul J. Meyer



Meet Fabrizio

"Jobs Done Well, Are Only Done Once”- Fabrizio

Not only has his professional training and background in the field helped shape the knowledge and expertise, but it has also sharpened his eye to become the well versed expert in servicing your home with the highest levels of quality standards.

Fabrizio takes pride in optimizing communication and empathizing and understanding the needs, expectations and projects of all his clients.

With a great team of professionals behind him, he is the orchestra director that conducts all the pieces and takes care of all the variables your home needs.

CEO and Founder, Fabrizio Pavez.